Three Wisdoms and Three Miscellaneous Thoughts.

Since everything we know is an interpretation of what our senses present to us, everything that is done can be undone by reinterpreting it.

We have done something truly remarkable: With all our electronic connections--WWW, Facebook, Twitter, tablets, cell-phones, texting, and on and on--we have created “The Age of Disconnection.”

If you put all the opinions of historians together, you’ll find no ancient event ever really happened and no ancient person ever really lived.

As a child I was fascinated with those “coloring books” that appeared to have blank pages, until you brushed them with water. Then full color pictures appeared. Magical. If we could see the chemicals in our food and water and see the chemicals off-gassing from the products we eat, wear, and breathe we would dispose of them. But we can’t see them, and being only human we believe what our senses reveal to us. In respect to the poisons in our air, food, and water, most of us are pre-Galileans.

There was disagreement about revealing to the public the pictures of the children killed at Sandy Hook. It seemed grossly insensitive. But sensitivity is sometimes not a virtue: If the horror that faced the American troops entering concentration camps after WWII had been revealed to the world earlier, the Holocaust and the war itself may have ended sooner. Twenty-three children is just a number. If we were forced to look at the actual bullet-riddled little bodies sprawled in their own blood on an elementary school floor, we may be more successful in passing gun laws. The exposure of the dead children seems like a desecration, but it may also be the salvation of other children, and with that hope in mind, the parents might have been willing to allow the public to see their children slain. Maybe we would find that, although Americans love their guns, they love their children more.

The various schools and theories of economics produce a welter of elaborate causes and effects, each containing its own self-fulfilling prophecy. If ten brilliant people observe a chaos, they will observe ten different patterns. So it is when economists look at the economic behavior of the world.


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