An Argument for Self-healing


In my book I bring together inter-disciplinary analysis, the data of common sense, historical data gathered from centuries of observation, and the prima facie evidence of my own healing of breast cancer through faith. In response to those who would debunk placebos, my book debunks materialistic narrowness by establishing the placebo effect on a universal platform that links science and religion. I explore the psychological, anthropological, political and historical dimensions of a question that is fundamental not only to the practice of medicine but to understanding the workings of the human mind and human consciousness.

Faith and the Placebo Effect links placebos with what is known about faith healing and in doing so I strengthen the centuries-old religious argument for self-healing through the mind.  Nevertheless my book is thoroughly non-sectarian. A Christian Scientist, for example, a Mormon, or a Seventh Day Adventist could not have written this a book. It eschews religious dogmas of every kind, but exposes the medical dogmas that pervade our society.

These are some of the subjects you will find in my book:

o The placebo effect as the common denominator across many different treatments for illness.

o Information on how to consciously trigger the placebo effect.

o The story of my own experience of breast cancer.

o A many-sided and I hope persuasive account of an inner potential well-known to medicine, but ignored or trivialized by the medical industry.

Here are three reviews provided on line by readers:

"A beautifully written and deeply profound book on healing. Even if you have explored alternative medicine and/or spiritual literature for years this book will likely trigger a very deep reflection on your core beliefs about healing. My highest recommendation!"

"I was impressed with the author's exploration of the various self-healing approaches that exist in the world and the empowerment in believing that they work. I picked up an old copy of SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, July 2001 and read the article: "Shattering Myths about Hypnosis". The author of Faith and the Placebo Effect also cites some myths that are held about the effectiveness of self-healing. It's important to know that the word "Faith" as used by the author doesn't mean any religious faith or belief and can be as simple as having "faith" in your doctor or the medication prescribed for it to work. I highly recommend this book for consumers of health services as a way of looking at the critical part they as consumers play in their own healing".

"If you want to explore the power of self-healing, this is the book to read. Lolette Kuby experienced a instantaneous healing of breast cancer and shows how this ability is available to anyone. As a cancer survivor myself i found this book to be very inspiring and supportive. It helped me find faith in my own healing ability."
David Elliot, author of "You Don't Have to Die When Your Doctor Says"

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